How To Become a Web Developer in 2021

How To Become a Web Developer in 2021

Hello, welcome, and in this article am going to show you how to become a Web Developer in 2021. There are numerous companies out there who are ready to pay a large sum of amounts to have a web developer in their company. You may say in 2021? I say Yes in 2021!. There are also a good number of companies and businesses that require web developers to help create a website that will represent their businesses online.

Before we talk about how to become a web developer, let’s quickly look at who a web developer is and what they do (why do companies want them?). If you are ready to sail with me, then let’s dive right in

Who is a Web Developer?

who is a web developer

Web Developer builds World Wide Web applications. In other words, someone who develops or builds websites or web applications is a web developer. The act or process involved in making these websites or web apps is known as Web Development.

There are three kinds of web developers, Front-End Web Developer, Back-End Web Developer, and Full-Stack Web Developer.

Front-End Web Developers

Front-end web developers are involved in making the visible parts of a website or web app (client-side). What we as visitors of a website or web app see and interact with was built by a front-end web developer. It includes the beautiful designs, animations, form fields that we see. They can also be called Client-Side Web Developers.

Back-End Web Developers

Back-end web developers are are involved in making the invisible parts of a website or web app (server-side). They are lovers of logic, data, technical construction of websites. Let’s say you fill a form in a web app and then received a notification that the email is already registered. Now you are thinking, how did this website know my email is registered. Well, a back-end web developer figured it out.

Full-Stack Web Developers

These guys do both the work of a front-end web developer and that of a back-end web developer; they do everything.

Okay, now you know the three kinds of web developers, I think it’s time you decide which one you love most and that one you love most is what you should do. I will be referring to these three guys again; and by then you should have decided.

What Do Web Developers Do?

Why do companies and businesses need these guys? You ever asked yourself that.

Web Developers are involved in the following (only a few)

  • Create prototypes and mockups of websites
  • Work with graphics and other designers to determine how the website will look.
  • Write code for websites/web apps

The above list does not all apply to the three kinds of web developers. Here is more on What Web Developers do. In this article, we will focus on Writing Code for Websites/Web Apps. The skills needed to write these codes, where and how to learn them. So stick around

How To Become a Web Developer?

how to become a web developer in 2021

To become a web developer, there are certain skills or languages that you need to be familiar with. There are languages we use to communicate with computers as web developers and these are the languages you need to learn. There are a lot of languages but you don’t need to learn them all.

Most times, it is at this point a lot of beginners mix essentials with inessentials and tend to miss the right path. By now you should already know what kind of web developer you want to be, and following that path and its essentials is what matters and that is exactly what we will be doing now.

For each of the three kinds of web development, I will show you the languages/skills required and those that are optional, I will also recommend the one you should learn how and where to learn it for free and that of payment as well depending on your budget.

Skills/Languages To Become a Front-End Web Developer

They include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Tailwind, ReactJS, TypeScript, VueJs, etc. Let’s analyze where each of them belongs and what they do. Of the above, there are three basic skills to learn that almost the others require you to know before using them. Follow the order below;

1. Markup Languages

You will agree with me that every website or web app has a web page, and every web page contains contents (well-arranged contents). A markup language is what web developers use to structure content on web pages. Simply put, it is what they (web developers) use to display texts, images, buttons, forms, audios, videos to the clients (visitors of the website).

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is an example of a Markup Language. HTML is the language I recommend you learn as it is most widely used. HTML5 is the last released version of HTML and a lot of companies are making use of HTML5. So you might wanna learn HTML5 as well.

Where do I learn HTML? W3Schools has a very concise tutorial on HTML and HTML5 for free. Check them out. On average, it shouldn’t take you more than 3 weeks to learn HTML if you can dedicate at least an hour to studying daily.

2. StyleSheet

As markup languages display texts, buttons, images, etc, stylesheets style these contents and make them look organized and beautiful, very beautiful.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is an example of a StyleSheet and it is what I recommend you learn because it is most widely used and required by companies looking for web developers. CSS3 is the last released version of CSS and lots of websites are making use of its features, it will do you more good if you learn it.

Where do I learn CSS? Again W3Schools has a very concise tutorial on CSS and CSS3 for free. CSS is very easy to learn, it shouldn’t take you more than a month if you dedicate 1 hour daily to learning it.

3. Scripting Languages

Interactions, behaviors, etc of web pages are made with Scripting Languages. For Example, when you click a button on a website and then something pops up. A Scripting Language basically automates task executions.

An example is JavaScript. I will confidently recommend you learn JavaScript. It is widely used in all aspects of development i.e Web Development, Mobile Development, Desktop App Development.

Where do I learn JavaScript? You can learn JavaScript at W3Schools for free but sincerely that will not be enough. You will need to go wide and as well as have some daily growth activities to get involved with.

A lot of people say JavaScript is hard, honestly that is as a result of the approach they used. I heard someone say He has been on JavaScript for three years. Learning JavaScript for three years? That must be frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong though, learning JavaScript never stops. Same way being a student never stops. But this is about the basics, that’s terrible on m opinion. So if you use a wrong approach, you may fall a victim of depression, confusion etc.

Learning JavaScript is tricky but it’s not difficult. All you need is follow the right path. That is why I am writing a book for this purpose. I personally didn’t find JavaScript troubling while learning its basics. I barely spent up to three months on it, even with school distractions.

This book will be for free, I just want you to find it easy learning JavaScript. It will contain how you can handle depressions, challenges, participate in growth activities, resources to learn JavaScript efficiently.

I believe by May 2021 the book will be out, so drop your mail to get notified. So while you are learning HTML & CSS, the book will be getting set for you.

Web Frameworks & Libraries (optional)

The road-map so far is thus, HTML => CSS => JavaScript. Not HTML => JavaScript => CSS nor JavaScript => CSS => HTML.

It is important for you to follow the order. When you are done with HTML, CSS and JavaScript; then you may wanna consider some Frameworks and Libraries.

There are numerous web frameworks and libraries out there for CSS and JavaScript out there but have in mind that their primary job is to make coding easier and faster for you. You can learn web frameworks through their documentations for free. Click on any framework or library mentioned below to access their documentations.

CSS Frameworks

Styling a website can take days, weeks or even months. But with CSS frameworks the duration becomes lesser and workload becomes easier. CSS frameworks have an already built-in style templates that you just need to tap from into your website. Here is a good list of CSS frameworks.

Don't use web frameworks for personal projects, use them only when they are requested.#100DaysOfCode Click To Tweet
JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries

Libraries like ReactJs, and frameworks like VueJs should what I’d say you consider learning. ReactJS is widely used, so you should consider learning it first.

So far the road-map is HTML => CSS => JavaScript => ReactJS (optional). With the above skills you can build a fully functional static website and upload it on the internet. So try doing that,also try making some mini projects like Calendar, Calculator, etc. If you are not sure of a project idea join my discord server to get unlimited project ideas for free. You can also add your ideas on the discord server too.

Skills To Become A Back-End Web Developer

To become a back-end web developer it is necessary for you to know the basics of JavaScript. If you already know JavaScript, no use explaining too much; simply learn NodeJs.

NodeJS is a JavaScript Run-Time Environment that extends JavaScript into back-end web development. With NodeJS you can build servers for your website without learning another language other than JavaScript. NodeJs is by far the easiest to learn, with dedicated 1 hr daily to learning; you will complete it in less than two weeks.

Learning NodeJs is not the end, you need to learn some other NodeJS frameworks like ExpressJs. These frameworks won’t take you more than a week to learn the basics.

Also for back-end, you need to learn a database language/system. You can either learn SQL or NoSQL or both (though not necessary). I recommend learning NoSQL and an example of NoSQL that you should learn is MongoDB.

Skills To Become A Full-Stack Web Developer

To become a full-stack web developer, you basically need to know everything. Here is everything

HTML => CSS => JavaScript => ReactJS => NodeJS => ExpressJS => MongoDB/MySQL

To become a full-stack web developer in 2021, you basically need to know HTML => CSS => JavaScript => ReactJS => NodeJS => ExpressJS => MongoDB/MySQL#100DaysOfCode Click To Tweet


Choosing between front-end, back-end or both should be based on what you love doing. If you love designing, content structuring; do well to go for front-end.

If you love logic, data analysis then go for back-end. If you love both, then full-stack is for you. Becoming the one you love is what makes programming fun for you.

Alright, that’s it. Thank you for reading, I will see you in the next article. Don’t forget to join my discord server.


I am Elijah, a full-stack web developer with a passion for sharing knowledge.

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